July 24

Hey Family, What have you lost in your life? A job, a friend, your reputation? When I think of what I have lost it encourages me to know that Jesus Christ came to seek that which was lost. Join us this week as Pastor Gus leads us in learning about finding our way. See you at 10 a.m. Sunday, and bring someone you love! 

July 17

Hey Family, This week we continue with our series titled Gods at War, which is bound to open your eyes. When we struggle with certain problems in life, we tend to focus on getting rid of the visible symptoms of trouble--cracks in our relationships, a lack of stability in our work life, feeling out of control in various situations. But what we're going to be learning over the next few weeks is that nothing will truly change until we look at the ROOT of the problem, not the FRUIT of the problem.

July 10

Hey Family, There are moments in my life when I ask myself a reflective question: What’s wrong with me? Many of us-- after falling into the same sin pattern, or terrible decision-making process, or mess up again-- ask ourselves this same question. We at The Recovery House of Worship are going to be addressing this very issue for the next few weeks. We will be getting to the root of why we do what we do. We will be looking at not only our actions but the underlying motivations of those actions. This is a hot topic for many of us, and would be helpful for the loved ones in our lives. So be sure to invite your friends and families as we get together to run to Christ and see His gospel work more clearly than ever before.